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38.9LB Life-Size Sex Doll Torso Man Sex Toy

38.9LB Life-Size Sex Doll Torso Man Sex Toy

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Sexy and charming appearance: The masturbation toy is beautiful and attractive, with plump big breasts, sexy elastic big ass, and tight waist. It can satisfy any fantasies of yours.

Highly simulated channel design: The vagina and anus of the sex doll completely replicate the structure of real people, and the appearance is beautiful and lifelike. There are particles and hills inside the channel, so that you have a more perfect experience in use. You can use it for vaginal sex, anal sex and breasts sexual intercourse.

Safe and environmentally friendly material: Lovedoll is made of high-quality TPE, which has the closest feel to real human skin, and is completely harmless to the body. There is a skeleton in the middle of the doll body, and the body can move freely, allowing you to use it in a variety of ways Variety.

Private transportation: We pack sex toys in unmarked boxes, and the transportation is declared as "fitness equipment". Don't worry, no one knows that this is a sex doll


Color: Flesh color
Item model: DMSN-017
Material: TPE
Size: 29.13*9.84*5.51inch/74*25*14cm
Weight: 38.9 lb/17.5kg

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